WWII PTO Event                                                    Tommy/Takuji Sarashina

 January, 1945

2—B-29s bomb targets in Thailand                                Fourth day in Nanking

3—Nimitz plans Japan assaults                                        Begins training

4—U.S. navy air assaults on Formosa                              Training continues

5—Japanese retreat in Burma                                           Moves to new Nanking camp

6—B-29s bomb Tokyo again                                              Resumes training

7—US lands ne Luzon, Philippines                                  Training continues

11—US Navy air assault on Indochina                                        ”           ”

—–Allies move to clear Burma Road

18—U.S. begins drive to Manila                                                   ”           ”

20—FDR sworn in for fourth term                                               ”           ”

25—US Navy begins air assault on Iwo Jima                    (c)P-51s strafe troop

26—Japan troops retreat to China coast areas                 Worst days on Yangtze walk

28—Allies reopen Burma road Walk continues                         ”          ”          ”


2—US B-29s destroy Singapore docks                               Yangtze walk continues

3—US launch Manila attack on Japan positions                           ”          ”

4—Yalta Conference begins                                                Prepares to move out

16—US captures Bataan, Philippines                                 Begins Yangtze walk

19—US Marines land on Iwo Jima                                       Continues walk

23—Marines raise flag on Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima                   ”           ”

25—US firebombs Tokyo                                                               ”            ”

—–Americans, Filipinos capture Corregidor


1—US mistakenly sinks Japan ship with POW supplies   (c) P51s strafe Yangtze troop

2—US airborne troops recapture Corrigedor                       Troop continues walk

3—US, Filipino troops capture Manila                                            ”           ”

—–Road to Rangoon, Burma reopened

9—US firebombs Tokyo 15 square miles of Tokyo                          ”            ”

—–Japan overthrows French government in Vietnam

10—US invades Mindanao in Philippines                           Walk becomes swampy

11—US firebombs Nagoya, Japan                                               ”           ”           ”

16—US wins month-long battle on Iwo Jima                     Arrives at China camp

20—Tokyo firebombed again                                                 Resumes training

—–Allies capture Mandalay, Burma

27—US mines Shimonoseki Strait, Japan                             Continues training


1—US invades of Okinawa, Japan home island                      ”           ”           ”

7—B-29s begin first fighter-escorted run against Japan      ”           ”           ”

—–US sinks Yamamoto in Japan’s final naval action           ”           ”           ”

—–Japan Prime Minister Koiso resigns, government                                                                      falls, Adm. Suzui named to replace him

11—Kamikaze attacks hit Enterprise, Missouri ships               ”           ”           ”

12—US President Franklin D. Roosevelt dies                             ”           ”           ”

14—Massive Tokyo firebombing                                             (c) Troop made engineering unit

25—US, Soviet forces meet at Elbe River, Germany             Learns bridge building

28—Italy’s Benito Mussolini caught, shot, hanged             Troop practices bridge building

29—Hitler marries Eva Braun in Berlin bunker                       ”           ”           ”           ”

30—Bunker newlyweds commit suicide                                    ”           ”           ”           ”


 3—Rangoon, Burma liberated by Allies                                Troop continues bridge practice

5—Kamikazes attack US Navy at Okinawa                                ”           ”           ”           ”

—–Japan fire balloon reaches US, kills several

6—Final US battle in Europe                                                       ”           ”           ”           ”

7—Germany surrenders without conditions                             ”           ”           ”           ”

8—European ceasefire declared, V-E Day declared              Triggers Soviet Invasion of Manchuria

—–(c) Japan War Council seeks Soviet peace intervention   ”           ”           ”           ”

—– Vietnam split at 16th parallel, Indochina to France        ”           ”           ”           ”

20—Japan begins retreat from China                                     Bridges now ready for retreat

23—Yokohama heavily bomb by US forces                                 ”           ”           ”           ”

25–US top command approves Nov. 1 Japan invasion               ”           ”           ”           ”


9—Japan PM Suzuki vows no unconditional surrender             ”           ”           ”           ”

10—                                                                                                Troop members promoted to PFC

13—Australians capture Brunei                                                 Troop resumes bridge practice

15—US forces bomb Osaka                                                            ”           ”           ”           ”

20—Emperor Hirohito orders peace plan                                     ”           ”           ”           ”

21—Okinawa falls to US forces                                                       ”           ”           ”           ”

26—United Nations charter signed                                               ”           ”           ”           ”


5—MacArthur declares liberation of Philippines                   Troop told to prepare to leave

10—US launches 1,000 air raids on Japan                                Rebuilds retreat bridges

(c) 11, 12— Hirohito opts secretly for peace at any price       Begins wrapping up camp             as fallback in Russia meeting, which doesn’t take place                                                         because of Potsdam

16—US conducts first successful test of atomic bomb         Boards train for Manchuria

—–Potsdam Conference convenes

17—Potsdam agrees on unconditional Japan surrender        Train heads for Manchuria

24—Truman reveals atomic bomb to Stalin at Potsdam           ”           ”           ”           ”

26—Potsdam surrender demand delivered to Japan             Arrives at Ssupingkai, Manchuria

—–Churchill party defeated, Clement Atlee goes to                                                              Potsdam as new PM

—–Components of atomic delivered to US base on                                                               Tinian Island by USS Indianapolis

29—Indianapolis sunk by Japanese submarine                      Settles in at Ssupingkai

31—US bombs Kobe and Nagoya                                               Begins kamikaze training


2—Potsdam Conference ends                                                    Continues kamikaze practice

6—US drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima                                     ”           ”           ”           ”

8—Soviet declares war on Japan, invades Manchuria                ”           ”           ”           ”     three months after Germany fall, as Yalta planned

9—US drops atomic bomb on Nagasaki                                        ”           ”           ”           ”

—–Hirohito, PM Suzuki decide on surrender

15—Hirohito delivers surrender address on radio                    Troop taken to train station                                                                                                                   to hear surrender rebroadcast

16—Hirohito issues orders ordering cease fire                         Troop awaits further orders

22—Japan Manchuria forces surrender to invading Soviets        ”          ”          ”          ”


2—Formal surrender signed aboard USS Missouri                   Told to prepare to leave camp

3—Soviets take command of half million Japanese                Boards boxcars, believing troops, mostly in Manchuria                                                         headed for repatriation to Japan

8—MacArthur enters Tokyo to head occupation forces          Begin to realize they are                                                                                                                         Soviet  prisoners of war

—–Japanese troops in various remote outposts in other                                                   countries surrender over throughout the month                       Learns headed into Siberia


 —–Southeast Asia continues reassembling as                       Boxcar trip ends in Kazakhstan            European colonies                                                                at Ust’Kamenogorsk Oct. 30

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