Why do we sometimes end up in the wrong places at the wrong times? What makes them the wrong places and wrong times? Why couldn’t they have been the wrong places at the right time or vice versa?

Seven decades after the end of World War II in 1945, the epitome of the wrong place at the wrong time, never-before available information about the war of nearly four years and two dozen nations is still coming out. Some myths are being exploded, some opinions about certain aspects of the war are being changed. Were 20 million military killed or was it 30 million? Did 20 million civilians die as a direct result of the war or its atrocities, or was it 30 million?

When we think of WWII atrocities, the first that comes to mind is the Holocaust in Europe. Some may think of the diasporas of the Soviet Union, others the maniacal killing of innocent civilians, the war crimes.

Tommy’s Wars addresses three other atrocities:



←Pearl Harbor  and  U.S. internment of Japanese-Americans


  Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki→


←Prisoner of war in Siberia slave labor camps on the edge of starvation


What are the odds that three members of one Japanese family of innocent victims would end up at the wrong place and time of those three atrocities, have intimate ties to the United States in Hawaii, all survived, two still around to tell their story and the third’s experiences retold from meticulous government records combined with the published broader accounts of two men who knew him.

Three faces to follow through those events in a too-often faceless war. Three faces experiencing atrocities we now know need never to have occurred, but with new information to help tell us why they did.

Three faces to follow through the atrocities offering fresh details, experiences and feelings that provide new and at times more accurate portrayals of stories told before in limited books or handed down through the family lore to descendants.



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