Tommy never had a chance to fire his weapon. He never even saw a combat soldier, but he ended up in a POW camp in Siberia for two years. His brother was just doing his job in a Hiroshima factory when the atomic bomb dropped on the city. Their father was just a minister, but ended up behind barbed wire for the four years of World War II.

Three members of one family in the wrong places at the wrong times as half-way around the world government leaders they never met determined the fate of faceless millions.

Tommy’s family members had faces and survived to describe their ordeals. Wrapped in the context of how and why, they take us through what we now know of the often-hallowed war that was in fact characterized by a great deal of bungling, beginning and end.

Seven decades after the end of World War II in 1945, newly available information is still trickling out. Some myths are being exploded, some opinions about certain aspects of the war are being changed.

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